Energy- and CO2 Optimizing the shipping and maritime industri

Do you need help to navigate the new marked of CO2 reduction and demand of reducing energy.

EMENERGI can be your partner when looking into reducing energy and complying to CII and IMO demands.

We work together with our customers as a partner, handling all the necessary contact and data with the suppliers.

Some of the topics that we can deliver could be:


  • Energy screening
    • Get a simpel and critically view of your energy consumption
    • A pre-study to the first steps
    • Simpel view of the vessels energy profil
  • Energy audit
    • Full understanding of energy use and costs
    • Energy profiles and how to reduce or re-use
    • Optimizing your vessel to comply with IMO (CII and EEXI)
  • Energy consulting
    • Need advise to the right decisions?
  • Applications towards funds and grants
    • EU – grants
    • NOx fond
    • ENOVA
  • CII and EEXI calculations
    • Understand what it meens and what you can do
  • Biofuel conversion
    • What option do you have and what will the effect be?
  • Power-to-X
    • Advise and simulations on cost and benefits
    • Hydrogen, Methanol or Ammonia?
  • Habour Shore power
    • Analyzing needs and demands before investments
  • Energy change
    • Which way should you go