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EMENERGI can be your partner when looking into reducing energy and complying to CII and IMO demands.

Vessel energy optimization and performance analysis

EMENERGI is today assisting vessel owners and operators world wide to fulfill the Ship Energy Efficiency Management plan (SEEMP).

Through technical feasability analysis and benchmarking, we find the best solutions for each vessel and operator. With improved performance and full view on energy flows we create optimale financial results and reduction on costs.

EMENERGI delivers our maritime performance services world wide on all types of vessels.

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Energy screening

  • Get a simpel and critically view of your energy consumption
  • A pre-study to the first steps of optimization
  • Simpel view of the vessels energy profil
  • First calculations on CO2 reduction

Energy audit

  • Full understanding of energy use and costs
  • Energy profiles and how to reduce or re-use
  • Overview of potentiel savings and costs
  • Benchmarking on your vessels
  • Updating your SEEMP
  • Optimizing your vessel to comply with IMO (CII and EEXI)


  • Handling complete offer and quotation
  • Finding suppliers and shipyard
  • Handling implementation and test

Applications for funds and grants

  • EU – grants
  • NOx fond

CII and EEXI calculations

  • Understand what it meens and what you can do
  • How can you comply with the EEXI demand
  • Do you have the right SEEMP or should we update
  • We can help you forward to optimize your CII rating

Biofuel conversion

  • What option do you have and what will the effect be?

Optimizing vessels can bring several benefits, including:

  1. Improved efficiency: By optimizing the design and operation of a vessel, it’s possible to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs. This is particularly important in today’s world where fuel costs are a significant expense for many vessels. Improving your EEXI and CII rating and updating your SEEMP.
  2. Enhanced performance: Optimizing a vessel can improve its speed, maneuverability, and overall performance. This can be especially important in competitive industries, such as shipping and offshore oil and gas exploration.
  3. Compliance with regulations: Regulations governing vessel design and operation are becoming increasingly stringent. Optimizing a vessel can ensure that it complies with these regulations, reducing the risk of penalties and fines. Fullfilling the CII rating and your SEEMP.
  4. Environmental sustainability: Optimizing a vessel can reduce its environmental impact by reducing emissions and improving efficiency. This can help vessel owners and operators meet their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint.

Overall, optimizing vessels can lead to significant benefits for both the vessel owner and operator, as well as the wider environment and society.



Updating and optimizing the Ship Energy Efficiency management plan (SEEMP and CII)

Since 2013 all ships above 400 GT engaged in international voyage are required to have a Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan, part I (SEEMP) updated on the ship.

The SEEMP part I is aimed to help the ship owners and vessels, to achieve goals of energy efficiency and reduction. Goals that will lead also to CO2 emission reduction and savings.

The SEEMP part 1 report should describe goals and specify the process on how the intention is to reduce energy consumption.

Fulfilling the SEEMP part I will further lead to a better performance on the CII rating that is a part of the SEEMP part III.

CII rating is for now only a demand on ships from and above 5000 GT. CII rating in the SEEMP was implemented from 2023 and is a performance indicator on all ships, for comparison on efficiency and performance.

EMENERGI are today assisting the ship operators and a ship owners to fulfill the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan Part I and Part III on CII rating. So, a continuously reduction of energy consumption is achieved and CII ratings can be optimized for the Shipping marked demand of performance and minimizing of CO2 reduction.

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Competent expert advice

Are you in doubt about which solution is best for you? EMENERGI offer competent advice in connection with any project and keep you updated from start to finish. We aim to be the preferred vessel performance consults and technical optimization advisory service.

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